How to write a paragraph

How To Write A Paragraph

How to write a paragraph

How to write a paragraph

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Building the body of your paragraph

Reread all your words and phrases. Now, organize your thoughts. Decide if your brainstorming ideas are related. Do you want to add a new word or phrase or take something out? Next, decide if you like the order of your brainstorming ideas, or want to change the order.

Writing a paragraph draft

A lot of people get nervous when it's time to write. Don't worry. This is going to be your first draft. The important thing is to take your brainstorming ideas, add to them, and turn them into sentences.

  • Topic sentence
    Reread the word or phrase about the subject of your paragraph. You are going to expand this into the first sentence of your paragraph.

    This first sentence, which comes at the beginning of a paragraph, is called the topic sentence. Remember that its job is to introduce your paragraph.

  • Paragraph body
    Reread your brainstorming words or phrases for the body of your paragraph. Expand each brainstorming word or phrase into a complete sentence. These sentences explain your topic sentence by offering facts, details, or examples.

    Remember that the job of your paragraph body is to share an idea with your reader.

  • Concluding sentence
    Reread your paragraph and then add another sentence that sums up the paragraph. This sentence ends your paragraph.